One of the most relaxing things I find myself doing is staring down at a campfire. Watching the flames whip around and swirl. The heat generating it’s own movement.

yeti microphone


A huge part of what I do is in the tech field. I spend so much time learning new things, going out of my comfort zone, and in some cases focusing way too hard on technology and its many uses.

grunge selfie

The Rare Selfie

This is something you won’t see much, photos of me. I’m the guy behind the camera. The watchful eye waiting for the right moment to capture a memory.

Follow along with me on my journey. I want to share with you the world as I see it through my neurodivergent eyes. It’s a journey that started many years ago. A journey that has not been without hiccups, trials, tribulations. But a journey nonetheless. I’m here to share it with whoever wants to be here. To show you how I see the world.

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raindrops impacting water

Surprise Rainstorm

How we react to surprises can make all the difference in our perspective. We can choose to capture the beauty in what is going on around us or we can choose to complain. I struggle with this very concept, but with photography I can capture that moment in time and try to look at the positives. Nature provides beauty that we don’t always see. Take a look at this rain drop. Something as small as a couple inches wide where the raindrop hit can create a beautiful reaction to things surrounding it. Remember, you are that raindrop. You can affect those around you. Do so in a positive and beautiful way.