Hi, I’m Vae

A mid 30s something or other with an appetite for food, photos, and seeing as much as he can while still can.

Early on

Early on I spent my time participating in sports ranging from ski racing, to competitive swimming, to my ultimate love of the frustrating game of golf. I didn’t get into photography until my Junior and Senior years of high school where I too photography class and learned to develop my own film. Yes, I got into photography and knew how to do stuff before all this digital wizardry.


Today I continue to love the most frustrating sport on the planet and work in the Information Security world. In 2018, after always wanting to take good photos, and always producing mediocre quality because of the limitations of my equipment I dove into my first budget DSLR with a Canon EOS 77D. A year later I’d outgrown it and the plethora of lenses that I had acquired from my Father who was oh so generous to let me use and upgraded to a Canon 5D Mk IV. I still use both bodies and all the lenses! I can’t wait to share what I see.