A Brief History

I don’t like briefs, boxers are superior. Okay, okay, bad joke. But that’s who I am. I make bad jokes, am full of useless information, and hide behind the camera.

What does that mean though? You won’t find a whole lot of photos of me here, but you will find the things that catch my attention, the way I see them. I’m just here to share how I perceive the world. Some might be dark, some might be light. Join me on this neurodivergent trip as I share my adventures in camping, fishing, hunting, and traveling all over this world. I’m excited to share my adventures, even if it’s just in this blog and no one reads it. After being cooped up for the last couple of years due to the Pandemic I’m ready to explore again. I’m ready to see people I haven’t seen in years. I miss my friends that I’ve made through Twitch.

I have trips planned to Arizona and California for this year, with plans to go camping all over Washington State throughout the summer. Well, let’s hope the summer camping trips happen. Unfortunately we are very prone to wildfires and so many of the places I like to go camping get hit with copious amounts of smoke that make it really difficult to camp in. I will be exploring more and more around the PNW.

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